Dave Toms drums for recording projects and live performances.
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Dave currently performs with:
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Tasha Dies Twice

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James MacKay - Guitar & Vocals
Kris Womack - Guitar & Vocals
Mike McLeod - Bass & Vocals
Dave Toms - Drums


Michaelius - Vocals
Branko - Bass
Ryan Haines - Guitar
Dave Toms - Drums
Management - Robert Speed Productions
Record Label - Heaven & Hell records

The GCDC Gang

Kris Womack aka K-Mack - Vocals & Guitar
James MacKay aka Ronnie J - Vocals, Guitar, Bass & Noise
Ricky Joe Vella - Vocals, Guitar & Mandolin
Paul Dante aka Craw Ditty - Vocals, Bass, Keyboards & Toys
Dave Toms - Drums

The Gardeners

Scott Graham - Guitar & Vocals
James MacKay - Guitar
Paul Toms - Bass
Dave Toms - Drums

Whiskey Epiphany

Mike Gravitis - Guitar & Vocals
Lianne Gravitis - Vocals
David Maclean - Fiddle, Mandolin, Violin
Jack Maclean - Bass & Lead Guitar
Dave Toms - Drums & Cajon

Martin Rouleau

Martin Rouleau - Vocals & Guitar
Dale Roossien - Bass
Dave Toms - Drums

New album - Coming 2011!

Martin Rouleau playing guitar
Year Band Album Title Details
2021 Overlord When Worlds Collide Overlord rocked the world in 1985, re-releasing old material in 2010 with the album "Back Into the Dragon's Lair". Dave drums on several tracks of their 2021 album, including Blood at First Light, 30th Parallel, King of Manipulation, Livin' on the Poverty Line, Rise Up.
2021 Graham Jara moonrock Ron Mueller's concept album "moonrock" has Dave drumming on track 1 "Damnation" and track 8 "Heading to the Stars".
2019 DC MacLean Sages DC MacLean's brilliant collection of original tunes stars DC MacLean himself, his son Jack MacLean, plus Devin Melanson, Devon Savas, Andy Gravitis, and Gordon Aeichele. Production and Engineering by Devin Melanson.
2016 Leslie Hudson Yeoman On The Bridge A Star Trek themed album of original music. Geek rock!
2016 Compilation Travelling in Heart, Mind & Time A collective interpretation of the writings of Daniel William Dando. I drum on these tracks: James MacKay's "Madly, He Writes On"; Neil MacNaughton's "Too Much To Dream" and co-drummed on Chris Snow's "For My Gentle Lady"
2015 Leslie Hudson Into The Mirror Released at The Moonshine Cafe.
2015 The GCDC Gang Banditoland Released at The Moonshine Cafe.
2014 Neil MacNaughton Pieces of the Trip Recorded through Kerr Village Producitons.
2012 Whiskey Epiphany Old Story Recorded through Kerr Village Producitons.
2012 Geckofish AwesomeSauce Recorded through Kerr Village Producitons.
2012 The Gardeners Don't Lose Your Head [EP] Recorded through Kerr Village Producitons.
2011 The Gardeners Hello [EP] Recorded through Kerr Village Producitons.
2010 Ashley Beattie The Return of God - Vol 1
Soundtrack from the original motion picture. Recorded at Kerr Village Productions. I drum on Tracks 1 and 10: "I" and "Words"
2009 The GCDC Gang The GCDC Movie Soundtrack Soundtrack from the original motion picture. Recorded over several years.
2005 Volition Aire Presented in Widescreen Recorded in our home jam space. Blue Room Studios in Scarborough mixed the recordings.
2001 The Hallucinations The Hallucinations Our first full length album. Recorded by Carl Jennings of Westmoreland Recording Studio in Burlington. The studio has since moved to Hamilton.

Dave currently endorses:

Dave uses a custom drum configuration depending on the project.
His standard setup includes:

  • Pearl Drums
  • Pearl DR-503 ICON Drum Rack
  • Evans Hydraulic Skins - Beater
  • Evans G1 Skins - Resonant
  • Tama Iron Cobra Double Kick
  • 16" Zildjian Avedis Custom Medium Crash Cymbal
  • 17" Zildjian Dark Custom K Crash Cymbal
  • 18" Zildjian Avedis High China Crash
  • 22" Zildjian Dark Custom K Ride Cymbal
  • 14" Meinl Byzance Dry Hihat Cymbals


Dave Toms drums for many exciting acts and is available for recording projects or live performances. Feel free to download free albums, watch music videos, and more! Photo of Dave Toms

Dave Toms provides affordable web design for your project. His clients include non-profits, businesses, rock bands and even individuals.

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We awake into this Life uncertain.

Much of this Universe is devoid of morality or passion.
The rocks do not feel love and the air does not knowingly caress.

Life is special.

Since we have freedom, or at least the illusion of freedom, we must do as little harm as possible to all that we might harm. This mantra comes from the one thing I hold most dear:

A purpose of human life, no matter who is controlling it, is to love whoever is around to be loved.
~ Kurt Vonnegut

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